The Top 10 Performance, Tips and Tricks from 2008

I'm rounding out the Top 10 Posts with link to The Top 10 Performance, Tips and Tricks that have been read by the readers of The Rock House Blog. Lessons are great but knowledge is power.

Give 'em a look.

10. John McCarthy - Palm Muting Tip

9. The Difference Between Gain, Overdrive and Distortion. - Using Gain, Overdrive, and Distortion can either add or detract from your overall guitar tone, so it's a good idea to know the differences between them.

8. Great Songs For Beginners. - Me and the boys from Rock House put our thinking caps on and compiled a list of easy to learn songs that will challenge you but not make you want to throw your guitar in the fireplace.

7. 12 Things you Can Do Right Now To Become a Better Player.

6. Hand, Wrist and Elbow Fitness for Musicians. - Dr. Zachary is going to be educating us on taking care of the most important part of our instrument ….. our hands.

5. Guide to Bass Strings. - Rock House invited over two dozen string companies to participate in a massive string roundup.

4. Make My Guitar Squeal Like A Pig. - It is called a "Pick Harmonic" and it was made popular in the 80's when there was an abundance of guitar solos in the music.

3. Setting Your Amp For Good Distortion Without The Loudness! - There are two ways to get that full distortion sound.

2. Developing A Shred Picking Technique. - If you aren’t picking, you’re not grinning!

1. 20 Songs Every Beginner Guitarist Should Know. - Just a starting point and there are thousands of easy songs that you can learn.
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joe aldeguer said...

great post. thanks for these tips. :)

Joe Aldeguer said...

wow.., these are nice.
tvery interesting designs and its very pleasing int the eyes..

nice one..


sarge1875 said...

Glad you liked them. There are more in the archives.