Great Songs For Beginners

Author: John McCarthy
Author: Angelo Selino

As a teacher one the most asked questions from I received from beginner students was “What are some easy songs that I can learn to play that won’t be over my abilities?” So me and the boys from JamPages.com put our thinking caps on and compiled a list of easy to learn songs that will challenge you but not make you want to throw your guitar in the fireplace as firewood with discouragement! Keep in mind this is just a starting point and there are thousands of easy songs that you can learn. These are just some recommendations that we have seen results from. Hope you enjoy!

Rock, Pop and More...
Smoke On the Water; Deep Purple
Aint’ Talkin’ Bout’ Love; Van Halen
Basket Case; Green Day
Satin Doll; Duke Ellington
Come As You Are; Nirvana
Is This Love; Bob Marley
Santa Ria; Sublime
Tick Tick Boom; The Hives
Iron Man; Black Sabbath
All The Small Things; Blink 182
Wild Thing; The Troggs
Enter Sandman; Metallica
Margaritaville; Jimmy Buffet
Vampires; Godsmack
You Really Got Me; The Kinks
Nothing Else Matters; Metallica
Free Fallin’; Tom Petty
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life); Green Day
Uncle Johns Band; The Grateful Dead
Wish You Were Here; Pink Floyd

Smokin Gun; Robert Cray
Thrill is Gone; BB King
Old Love; Eric Clapton
Johnny B Goode; Chuck Berry
Goin Down; Feddy King

Everywhere (3 Chords); Tim McGraw
Drive (3 Chords); Alan Jackson
Meet in the Middle (3 Chords); Diamond Rio
Complicated (3 Chords); Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Check Yes or No (4 Chords); George Strait
I Walk the Line (4 Chords); Johnny Cash
It Must Be Love (3 Chords); Don Williams
The Bottle Let Me Down (2 Chords); Merle Haggard
Mama Tried (4 Chords); Merle Haggard
Honky Tonkin' (2 Chords); Hank Williams

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Paul Tasker said...

Great list of songs. I'm a guitar teacher in Glasgow, Scotland and I've been asked this question many times....have you added any new songs since your list was published?