Tour and Clinic Dates Have Been Updated @ Rock House

It was a long weekend of copying, pasting, searching venue and ticket sites for upcoming concerts and clinics. The power of the mouse and keyboard are awesome, It'll probably be a days before I can hold a pick in my hand from using the right finger too much. No not that one, my index finger!

So here's what The Rock House Artists/Instructors have going on this summer so far. I usually get these updated a couple times a month but there were some pretty big tours that coming up that are hitting Europe, South America, North America and Japan.

Alexi Laiho and The Children of Bodom are going strong with The Blooddrunk Tour into the late summer.

Marc Rizzo & CAVALERA CONSPIRACY are literally all over the globe with the inflikTOUR.

FREEKBASS is about to take off for the JB Tribute Tour.

Rob Arnold and Chimaira has some off dates from the DETHKLOK TOUR.

Doug Wimbish is playing Europe promoting his new CD and performing with Tarja also. He also have some US dates later in the summer.

Bernie Worrell is WOOing everyone with a few dates.

Dan Jacobs and AYREYU are going strong til the end of August.

Ravi Bhadriraju & with Bobby Thompson of Job for a Cowboy ride into July.

Albert Margolis has some dates where he tickles the ivories. The date and time for the debut of his new band "The Dennis Logan Band" has been changed. I'll get that up as soon as I get the info.

Will Calhoun has a ton of clinics this summer too that I have to get posted yet.

That's it for now, it's really easy to get automatic notification when these guys are in your area. All you have to is go to The Rock House web site and either register or update you preferences on your account and we'll send you an email when one of the artist/instructors are in you area for a concert of clinic.

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