The Rock House Blogs Top 5 Bass Guitar Lessons of 2008

I didn't forget my friends that play the low side! Here are the top 5 bass lessons that were viewed by you, our readers in 2008.

5. Funk It! - Beginner Bass lesson - A nice beginner Bass lesson from Chris McCarvil.

4. Bass Triplet Finger Twister by Professor Jim - Twisting your piggies’ into submission.

3. Bass Funk Lesson from Chris McCarvill - Learn to funk and suddenly everything you play sounds great.

2. Bass Finger Exercises - Professor Jim works on getting your fingers to move around the Bass.

1. Bass Fret Board & Fingering Positions - The Rock House staff shows the concept of playing in positions on the Bass Guitar.


Stormy Maverick said...

How low.... can you go???? Good choices!

sarge1875 said...

Not low enough. I have to stay on the high side of things.