Bass Triplet Finger Twister by Professor Jim

There are 5 audio tracks available for download that go with this lesson. See full track listing
at the end of the lesson.

In this exercise I will be twisting your piggies’ into submission. This exercise is challenging to perform accurately. Be sure to practice first at a slow tempo and keep the notes dynamically and rhythmically even. In other words, make sure the notes ring with the same volume throughout and the notes are spaced evenly and not run together.

This is an exercise that comes from the C Major Scale and is played with a triplet rhythm. Count each measure like:

1-trip-let 2-trip-let 3-trip-let 4-trip-let

With your right hand use alternate finger strokes and I also would recommend that you use a metronome to gauge your progress and build speed gradually.

Creating a complete practice routine will help you improve your finger strength and coordination and will bring your playing to a whole new level. This exercise is a great one to add into the mix.

Until next time keep Rockin’ N’ Rollin’!!!

Professor Jim

Bass Triplet Finger

The Downloadable Audio Track Listing

1. Bass Tuning Notes
2. Bass Triplet Finger Twister Intro
3. Bass Triplet Finger Twister Bass Only
4. Bass Triplet Finger Twister Bass and Drums
5. Bass Triplet Finger Twister Drum Track

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Stormy Maverick said...

The professor can come up with some challenging stuff... I'm a fan of his lessons!