The Weekend Read for June 5th - Guitar Articles, Lessons and More

The weekend read for June 5th is a good list of guitar related articles on guitar lessons, gear reviews and news that I found from our blog roll. Be sure to check out the Rock House Lesson for this week Guitar Lesson - Kiko Loureiro Rock To Fusion The Lydian Mode w/ Tabs

Chris Hartzog Blog - I found a great post over at “Senior Home Care Information” called “Alzheimer’s: Old music, new songs” with a couple of paragraphs I have reposted below. This article caught my eye because when I have sung and performed at nursing homes I too have witnessed this very same phenomenon...Music And The Alzheimer's Mind

Desafinados - (May need to use a translator) Zakk Wylde shows his well-known ballad “Farewell Ballad “. In the following connection you can unload the complete package free, includes the track of audio with all the instruments, another only with the guitar of Zakk, another one with backing track, the video and the score and tablatura in format pdf...Zakk Wylde “Farewell Ballad”: backing track, video, audio and tablatura

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - I went to Axe Music, where I tried the Fender Pro Junior and the Blues Junior. I also tried a Squier Classic Vibe 50s pine tele, as well as the sunburst alder model...Fender Pro Junior and Classic Vibe Telecaster

Guitar Noize - Part 2 of In The Style Of: Eddie Van Halen, in this lesson I show you how Eddie uses tapped harmonics to create melodic patterns and chord progressions and special effects...In The Style Of: Eddie Van Halen Part 2 - Tapped Harmonics

I Heart Guitar - This is an update of a previous article I wrote on home recording. Since that time, my methods have changed a little bit, so I thought it was time to give the article a bit of a refresher. So here goes...FEATURE: Home recording for the frugal guitarist – updated

Jemsite - Perhaps he's not a guitar player in the way that Steve Vai or any of our past guitar heroes are guitar players. In fact, Andrew Durkin, a self-taught guitarist, doesn't use it for instrumental music at all. Instead, he uses it to compose songs with vocals...The Guitar Hero Series: Andrew Durkin

Marks Guitar Blog - This lesson is just another basic technique lesson to help get your hands working better. We are working on alternate picking between strings...Technique Exercise #3 - Inside and Outside Picking

Not Playing Guitar - How many times do you get distracted from your guitar practice goals? If you're anything like me then more than is good for your guitar playing...Guitar Practice - A Tip To Reduce Distractions

Rock Guitar Life - Pedalboardplanner.com lets you virtually assemble your pedal board with an amazing variety of stompboxes...Pedal Board Planner

The Classical Guitar Blog - Visualization, otherwise known as mental practice, is a powerful tool. Used correctly it can enhance knowledge of your repertoire and add a valuable layer of security to your performance...Three Visualization Techniques

The Punch In - Playing live can be addictive. But a lot of players never get to experience the feeling of satisfying a crowd — and satisfying themselves — because they’re waiting to form that perfect band before taking their songs public...Re-Think the Band: Unconventional Live Lineups

Truth in Shredding - Top quality picking lesson, a good insight into Milan Polak's own thoughts on picking...Milan Polak Lesson - The Picking Hand

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