Guitar Frenzy Friday - Kiko Loureiro's Guitar Lesson On The Lydian Mode w/ tab

In this guitar lesson, Rock House Instructor & guitar virtuoso Kiko (Angra) Loureiro shows aspiring rock players in this video lesson how to go from Rock to Fusion using the Lydian Mode. The video is from Kiko's New Rock House DVD "CREATIVE FUSION, Beyond Power Chords and Pentatonics".

The 2 DVD set contains over 2 hours of lessons with Kiko. He shows rock guitar players how to incorporate fusion elements into their playing and helps them expand their guitar vocabulary by understanding new concepts by moving beyond power chords and pentatonics and helps open up a new musical universe for you.

120 minutes on 2 DVDs, Also Inlcudes Live Performances, Behind the Scenes pics, Interview, 32 Page Tab Booklet you print right from the DVDs iPod ready Video, Lifetime web membership to RockHouseMethod.com for 24/7 lesson support!

Click on the tab for a full size.

Basic Chords For The Rock Sound

Chords For The Lydian Sound

Practicing The Modes

All Four Lydian Modes

All Four Lydian Modes With The Progression

Using Arpeggios & Triads


Aaren Humpherys said...

Thanks for telling us about the basic chords and the wonderful video

Anonymous said...

wow that was great. much better than your average lesson on the modes... really puts it into perspective.

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daniel padaplin said...

So this is the basic chords of rock music. With these 4 chords you can create rock sound. Thanks a lot for making good tutorials, this will help a lot to beginners that loves rock music.

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