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Favorite Nations Recording Artist Rob Balducci has defined himself as the instrumental guitarist with an unparalleled ability to combine solid, catchy songwriting with a keen melodic sense and technical fury. From his virtuoso rock solos, Balducci's extreme versatility has been showcased worldwide in concerts, clinics, as well as on his own solo instrumental albums. He was introduced to guitar at the age of 11 by his older sister. Says Rob, “Music means so much to me, growing up it was my escape from the world and gave me a voice of my own.” Rob started teaching and playing gigs at age 14. Rob singed with Steve Vai’s label Favorite Nations and has released three successful solo CDs, his debut was titled “Balance”, the follow-up “Mantra” and most recently the critically acclaimed “The Color of Light”. Rob has toured the U.S., Japan, Europe and Australia in support of his music.

Rob composes his instrumental music in a way that gives his guitar a voice of its own. “I judge my songs on how the melody stays with you long after you listen to It.” states Rob. Each of his songs come from his personal life experience, pouring out his emotion Rob’s music is an ambitious collision of inventive songwriting, versatile guitar playing and a modernistic sonic framework and his masterful guitar technique and melodic flavor makes people forget there is no vocal track. Says Rob on his approach to songwriting “Music is related to painting in the sense that you're starting out with a blank canvas and then you create your own structure with musical colors just like a painter does."

The Queens, New York bred musician has spent years teaching others to realize their dream and dedicated himself to mastering his instrument. These well-spent years of wood shedding, and perfecting his technique had paid pay off handsomely. In 1990, Balducci won a local contest sponsored by Guitar For The Practicing Musician proclaiming him New York's best guitarist, his six-string education includes a degree in music performance and theory, all three of his albums have reaped unanimous praise from press and guitar enthusiasts, and is a featured guitarist on "Rewired” A Tribute To Jeff Beck," "Crushing Days” A Tribute To Joe Satriani" and on the forthcoming salute to Carlos Santana. A native of New York, Balducci's music is drenched in layers of sonic colors, each representing a tangible emotion, desire, depth, feeling, thought and mood. Rob does not see creating instrumental music as an opportunity to show solos and technique, he sees it as a chance to bring emotional songs that have meaning and that penetrate the musical fabric, providing a cohesive glue that ties everything together seamlessly. 

As far as Rob's Newest Guitar Instructional DVD with Rock House Method "Innovative Guitar Rock Beyond the Boundaries", Rob States "Of course performing and composing music is my life's passion; However, sharing what I have learned about the instrument over my 24 years of playing, is something I love. So when Joe P. approached me, and it was for Rock House, it was an easy decision to make. Working with John was really great , he is very open to ideas and was brilliant at helping me organize my thoughts and message in this format. In my programs share with you the unique tools that I use and show you how to use them tol help you squeeze emotion out of the instrument.!"

His fans include, Joe Satriani who adds “ Rob is an excellent guitarist… I’ve always had his CDs around and I am waiting for him to become the next big guitar player ” and Steve Vai adds “ Rob is a great player and is as dedicated to his work as one can get and it shows in the construction of his audio emotions” A native New Yorker, Rob's has defined himself a guitarist, musicians, composer and one the most sought after instructors in New York City. His music is drenched in layers of sonic colors, emotion and depth.

I did an in depth interview with Balducci a while ago, check out Conversations with Rob Balducci - A RHB Exclusive Interview for an up close personal look into what makes Rob who he is.

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