The Weekend Read for June 12th - Guitar Articles, Lessons and More

The weekend read for June 5th is a good list of guitar related articles on guitar lessons, gear reviews and news that I found from our blog roll. Be sure to check out the Rock House Lesson for this week a Guitar Lesson From Alex Skolnick The Minor ii-V-i using arpeggios and modes w/ Tab and Video

Cameron Mizell - Guitarist - The Meters are THE classic example of New Orleans funk as far as I’m concerned, and a huge part of that was their drummer, Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste...Cissy Strut Transcription: Zigaboo’s Beat

Fretbase - You Rock Guitar could be the solution to enable you to bridge the worlds of game guitar and real (or adult) guitar. The You Rock Guitar has strings...You Rock Guitar Doubles as a Game Guitar (Video)

Guitar Friendly - When you make a serious financial investment, such as buying a guitar, it’s important to make an educated buying decision...The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Guitarkadia - It should be required by every Metalhead, headbanger, wearer of black shirts and devil’s horn flasher to watch two documentaries by Sam Dunn ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’ got an enormous response from Metalheads around the world, Sam followed up with Global Metal...History of Metal

I Heart Guitar - Are you a neon freak like me? I think it all goes back to when I bought a copy of a magazine called Countdown back in grade school, and they had a freebie pair of neon shoelaces attached to the cover. I loved those damn shoelaces...COOL GEAR ALERT: DiMarzio neon straps and cables

Jemsite - Perhaps he's not a guitar player in the way that Steve Vai or any of our past guitar heroes are guitar players. In fact, Andrew Durkin, a self-taught guitarist, doesn't use it for instrumental music at all. Instead, he uses it to compose songs with vocals...The Guitar Hero Series: Andrew Durkin

Mark McGuigan Musicians Blog - I recently came across the great guitarplayback.com website from David Wallimann and Dan Davies which provides a great range of high quality backing tracks in a variety of styles and levels to suit beginner to advanced players...CHECK IT OUT: guitarplayback.com

Marks Guitar Blog - Check this out 12 bar blues rhythm lesson, using no guitar pick...New Blues Rhythm Lesson Video!

Not Playing Guitar - If you're learning to play guitar then these easy guitar riffs will help you to create interesting sounding rhythm backings. Many popular songs were made famous by their catchy guitar riffs, and with the skills you'll learn in this lesson you'll learn how to play riffs of your own...Learning to Play Guitar - Easy Guitar Riffs to Practice

Rock Guitar Life - Youtube is a wonderful thing. You can spend hours watching videos of people doing silly things. You can watch your favorite hair metal videos from the 80’s too. You can also learn a few things. The ability to watch how to videos on demand is a great tool. There are plenty of good how to videos out there on just about every subject.Here are guitar related how to videos for you viewing entertainment...A few How To video's for guitarists

Share My Guitar - Over the past three or four decades, heavy music has seen many different levels of evolution. In the mid 1960s, there was a big influx of blues-based rock bands hailing from the U.K., many of which were developing stylistic elements like loud distorted guitars, power chords and up-tempo rhythms that would later become the hallmarks of heavy metal music...The History and Evolution of Metal – PT. II

Strat-O-Blogster - Levy's Urban Prints series straps have a very not necessarily stoned but beautiful! vibe about them..."Urban Prints" Guitar Straps by Levy's Leathers

The Classical Guitar Blog - Most instructional materials lack instruction on some of the basic expression markings in music. One example is dynamic indications. As with ending a piece, dynamics are easily incorporated into any piece...Teaching: Incorporating Dynamics (Interpretation 101)

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