Guitar Lesson - From Alex Skolnick The Minor ii-V-i using arpeggios and modes w/ Tab and Video

I got this DVD set a couple weeks ago. I've messed around with some jazz chords before but it all seemed confusing to me. After spending a couple weeks on the series of instructional DVD's from Rock House I have a much better understanding of the style of jazz. Skolnick's style of instruction explains things so well and he eases you into the "bigger picture" of jazz guitar.

With that said, Rock House instructor Alex Skolnick of Testament and The Alex Skolnick Trio teaches you in this video guitar lesson how to map out a minor ii-V-i progression using arpeggios and modes. This is one of the intermediate lessons in DVD. There are several variations for the patterns taught.

Alex's Rock House program Jazz Guitar Breaking Down the Barriers is available now Through the Rock House Store or you can download it instantly at Rock House On Demand.

Click on the tab to open it to a full screen.

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