The Weekend Read for January 29th - Guitar Articles and More

Another hot week for the Rock House Blog Roll. There were some great articles from our blogroll on guitar lessons, gear reviews and philosophy.

I did write and post the usual articles that go into The Rock House Blog every week. If you're looking for a good guitar lesson from us this week I posted one from John McCarthy titled "Rhythm Guitar Lesson with Backing Tracks", Marc Rizzo released his new solo CD "Marc Rizzo's New CD Legionnaire Released on-line" and and Alex Skolnick posted updates on what's going on in his world "Alex Skolnick Updates"

Desafinados - Guitar noticias en espaƱol

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - Are you someone who feels you are not spending enough time practicing guitar, yet you look on eBay and guitar forums everyday to see if you can score some new guitar gear?...Practicing Guitar vs Buying Guitar Gear 

Double Bass Blog -One of the problems of having over 3000 (!) posts on a blog is highlighting old content that is still of value to readers. I’m still figuring out how to best do this...MP3 and PDF resources for bassists

Freekbass' Blog - "Help for Haiti" Concert this Sunday at the 20th Century Theater

Guitar Lifestyle - After opening the box, I was impressed with the quality of the construction of the amp. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much from a $350 amp, but I was pleasantly surprised...Review; Blackheart Little Giant Combo

Guitar Noize - The name Ysrafel may be familiar to regular Guitar Noize readers, that is because I reviewed a couple of books of his here on Guitar Noize, The Essential Tapping Resource last January and Sweep Picking Mastery in September 2008. Well Ysrafel has written a very well thought out post on learning music theory to share with you, so without further ado take it away Ysrafel...Guest Post: Ysrafel - Why YOU should learn Music Theory

I Heart Guitar - Now this is interesting. Finding his guitar needs shifting in new directions and no longer feeling that Ibanez reflected his personality, Dave Weiner is selling off a bunch of his Ibanezes and is hooking up with PRS...NEWS: Dave Weiner sells his Ibanezes, joins PRS

John Horn - Guitarist - The title sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it...Review: How To Make A Million Dollars Playing The Guitar

Muzicosphere - Any bass player who tried cheap 5 strings basses knows that the B string often sucks a lot...5 Strings Bass Video Tips: No More Flabby B Syndrome? 

Share My Guitar - “There is no spoon,” those famous words that Neo said in The Matrix. But how can this phrase be applied to guitar playing?...What the Matrix Taught Me About Guitar

The Classical Guitar Blog - My Slur eBook did not include exercises dealing with slurs using the first finger. Big thanks to Perf for pointing this out. Ascending and descending slurs from and two open strings come up very frequently in repertoire...Slurs with the First Finger

Truth in Shreading - Shred Guitar Videos

Hane a rockin' weekend

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