Alex Skolnick Updates

Alex Skolnick just posted an update on his blog (http://skolnotes.blogspot.com) about what's going on in world.

The Rock House Instructor is pretty stoked about "supporting Rodrigo and Gabriella on their upcoming US run. It looks like I will be sitting in nightly with Rod and Gab, as well."

Unfortunately Alex won't be kicking off a run with Megadeath and Testament on the American Carnage Tour. But, one has to respect Alex for honoring his commitments.

Alex also announced that he will not be touring with TSO on their Beethoven's Last Night Tour.

For more about this announcement read it on Alex Skolnick's blog http://skolnotes.blogspot.com

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Stormy Maverick said...

The tour comes through Atlanta in a few months.... I'm hoping to make that show.