Dan Jacobs of Atreyu - Guitar Lesson on Creating Metal Hooks with Nasty Riffs

Today’s metal songs are often built with single-note riffs rather then full or power chords and, with a little right-hand muting technique thrown in, they become nasty metal hooks. In metal music, the main guitar riff often becomes the hook of the song, similar to the chorus of a pop song. You find yourself humming it hours or even days after you hear it.

Let’s take a look at sections inspired by two of Atreyu’s popular songs, “Becoming the Bull” and “Doomsday,” from their latest CD and see how these riffs are put together. Dan uses dropped-C tuning, which is attained by first tuning all sixstrings down one whole-step then lowering the sixth string an additional whole-step. (See the lesson “Dark Tunings That Rule Metal Music” for a more detailed explanation of this and other alternate tunings.)

Click On the tabs to make them bigger and clearer.

Example 1 "Doomsday"

Example 2 "Becoming The Bull"

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