Charvel So-Cal 1 2H Guitar Review by Tony Pasko

Rock House Method  GEAR 411 Guru Tony Pasko has posted a nice review in Premier Guitar about the Charvel So-Cal 1 2H.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that the Charvel guitar company is back and in a big way. Back in the ‘80s Charvel was the “It” guitar; all the best guitarists played them. Eddie Van Halen and Jake E. Lee were the two reasons I loved them so much, and they played Charvel because back then Strats didn’t come with any options for that type of player. Charvels had bigger frets, a flatter fretboard radius, a locking tremolo system, humbucking pickups already routed for the guitar, and an array of crazy colors and graphics that all the guitarists craved. Did I mention it was the ‘80s?

In June of 2008, Charvel began releasing the newly designed USA Production Models Series. These are American-made guitars, priced right around a grand. Every three months they release limited numbers of each model in custom colors—most recently Ferrari Red, Polar White and Taxi Cab Yellow. They offer two body shapes with Duncan pickups (San Dimas Styles 1 2H and 2 2H), and one with a pickguard and DiMarzio pickups (So-Cal Style 1 2H). They all come with black hardware, Grover tuners, Floyd Rose locking tremolos and a gig-bag. That’s a lot of bang for the buck!

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