Skin Your Axe - The Guitar Guard

I was wondering around NAMM checking out all the stuff and ran across Larry Post. Larry came up with a product called Guitar Guard. This cool product is designed to protect your guitar from dings and scratches. I think it's especially ideal to put on your guitars for when your buddies come over grab your axe, and start using it. It will protect your investment from buckle and button rash. Designed to show the beauty of the front of your guitar but protect the back I think it's most useful for guitar shops, studios and of course your drunk buddies. Guitar Guard fits like a glove and won’t interfere with your instrument’s look, sound or playability.

Additional info from their web site:

User-Friendly. GuitarGuard™ comes in two styles (“Gibskin” & “Stratjacket”) and three colors (Classic Black, Obama Blue, Raging Red), allowing players to change the look of their guitar instantly with our EZ on/EZ off approach. Guitar picks fit perfectly in the binding of each GuitarGuard™, giving you easy access to picks so you can lay down some ‘smoke on the water’ at a moment’s notice. GuitarGuard-outfitted instruments will fit easily into any soft- or hard-shell case.

Eco-Friendly. Made from sustainable eco-friendly materials, GuitarGuard™ allows you to show-off your inimitable style with a clear-conscience.

Money-Back Guarantee. Everything we sell is covered by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just return it within 14 days for a full refund. We even pay for shipping! Buy with confidence.

Suggested Retail: $29.95

More info at www.guitarguard.net

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Larry said...

To All Concerned - the comments and information being provided about GuitarGuard are simply not true. I am the owner of GuitarGuard. I design the products, I research and test each product that we produce. They do not harm your Guitars in any way. Our only goal of the Company is to Protect your guitars, and in this economy, we think that's important. And if you don't care for our products or design, then don't buy them, BUT PLEASE STOP THE SLANDER, and misinformation.

While I could take a guess as to who is slandering us, i will leave that issue alone and let people judge for themselves.

Just a few facts to make sure the Musician Public understands the truth:
1. I design the products, My name is Larry & can be reached @ 917-208-9777
2. All products are 1000% tested on actual Guitars both new and Vintage and have never caused damage to their finishes whatsoever!
3. the person in question has never owned a GuitarGuard, nor has he ever tried a GuitarGuard, so it's impossible and unethical for him to make such claims.
4. We have to date not had even 1 returned product, a fact that we are very proud of to date.
5. We stand behind our product 100% and even offer a "no questions asked money back guarantee." We even pay for the shipping. That's as "real" as it gets.
5. We recently were named a Best of Show by a Freelance writer who covered the Winter NAMM show in January. This was 100% unsolicited. They just decided they liked what we were doing and thought our product was edgy and cool.
6. Our attorneys had to request a cease and desist from the "said" writer of previous comments, and actually place them on their "spam block" as he seemed to just have nothing to do except slam GuitarGuard.

Summary - we are just a group of musician entrepreneurs, working very very very hard to offer a Protective (not harmful) skin for your guitars. We have this guy slamming us. We accept it, as, It is what it is, but after reading these comments, i felt it was time to let people know the real deal. It's just not right, and his comments are just not accurate. I welcome anyone to call me directly to ask me any questions about GuitarGuard. We stand by the product. They look great, they work great, they fit great, they are just coool, and most important they do not damage your guitars at all!!
Please, understand, that we just don't get this guy slamming us. He has done this over and over again. We don't do it to him. We let the competitive juices of America flow, and there's room for all to succeed. Anyway, i just wanted to let the world know that we don't get why this guy is slamming us; we think we know who he is, and the bottom line is his facts are wrong. My number for any questions whatsoever is 917-208-9777. We are an honest group of musicians, making a cool product and trying to do our best to offer it to you at a fair price. Again, for the record, we have never, ever had any pictures sent to us, nor had any requests about this "ficticious" Les Paul which he references, etc, etc. It's just not true. He makes it up.

Please stop. I am asking nice. I will not do so next time.

I ask the slanderer, to please stop slandering us, and i ask the Public to judge for yourselves. Again, i am available anytime to answer questions and can be reached at 917-208-9777. Thanks
Larry - GuitarGuard One final thing, this person has never called me once ever. He has my name, info, phone, cell, email, etc. Not once has he called. He just follows all our good news, and slanders us. It's just not right. This is America. Let people try! That's all we are trying to do. Try!. It's like his jab at the other product, he stabs everyone, and does it annonymously. It's just not right. Please Stop. And Musicians, know that we are working hard for you. Period.