New Tama Orange Finish Created At The Behest of Metallica Drummer

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich wanted a new color in his life. More specifically he wanted to new orange finish for his set for the Death Magnetic tour. “And not just any orange,” said Terry Bissette of Tama. “Lars Ulrich was very specific that he wasn’t looking for something we already had, such as our Marigold Sparkle or anything like that. Our people in LA and Japan worked with Lars for a while before we came up with just the right shade to match what he was looking for.” That finish went on to grace Lars’ kit for the tour. Fortunately, for Tama and Metallica drumming fans, Lars Ulrich was willing to share.

For 2009, that special orange finish, now named “LU Magnetic Orange” for both the tour and drummer is now an available finish for Tama’s Starclassic Maple Series. Drummer’s can recreate Lar’s tour kit, or choose from any of the staggering number of diameters and depths available in the Starclassic Maple Series.

More info can be found at  http://www.tama.com/ 


The Old Man said...

I heard rumor that "Limewire" was going to make a skin for their P2P proggy with that color (LU Magnetic Orange) to celebrate... LOL

I just had to pop off! Forgive me please, I am a Ludwig fan myself, and just couldn't let Lars "RIAA" Ulrich off that easy! LOL

fatb0t said...

What color is his signature trash-can snare drum featured in his awesome percussion work of St Anger? Puke stained green? Or dirty hobo brown?

Sorry, I think Lars is a supreme dBag.

The Old Man said...


I am glad you commented fatb0t, I was scared senseless that my dissent of Napster Ulrich would brand me as a pariah in the music community! LOL So at least I am not alone in my opinion. :-)