Multi Position Pentatonic Lead Patterns - Guitar Lesson

Multi Position Pentatonic Lead Patterns
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By: Proffessor Jim Rutkowski

In this lesson I am going to teach you five minor pentatonic scale lead patterns then we will put them into a three note sequence. Each of these patterns will show you how to move laterally across the neck while playing through three positions of the Minor Pentatonic scale. On each transition between scales you will use your first finger twice to glide into the next scale both ascending and descending. These exercises will give you a great example of how to combine scales moving across the neck and will get you to start entering and exiting scales in the middle of the scale to get a new view of the patterns.

Professor Jim’s words of wisdom… I would suggest that you learn the lead patterns and get them memorized. Remember that all position shifts ascending and descending are made with your first finger. As always, go slow and take your time. Always strive for clean articulate playing.

Example 1: First Position

Example 2: Triplet Lead Pattern for the first position Lead Pattern in A minor: 

Example 3: Second Position

Example 4: Triplet lead pattern second position 

Example 5: Third Position

Example 6: Triplet lead pattern third position

This pattern I particularly like because you only use the 1st and 3rd fingers and it ends up on the root note, this will be easy to gain speed!

Example 7: Fourth Position

Example 8: Triplet Lead Pattern fourth position.

This pattern ends up on the first scale position in the key of A one octave higher then the original 5th fret starting spot. 

 Example 9: Fifth Position

 Example 10: Triplet lead pattern fifth position. 

This pattern begin on the 5th scale position in the key of A one octave lower then the original 15th fret starting spot.

The Downloadable Audio Track Listing

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1. Introduction
2. Guitar Tuning Notes
3. Example 1
4. Example 2
5. Example 3
6. Example 4
7. Example 5
8. Example 6
9. Example 7
10. Example 8
11. Example 9
12. Example 10

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freddy said...

This post really got me at the right time.
I am already comfortable with the pentatonic scale shapes, but I needed some encouragement to traverse the guitar neck easily.
I will study this post, because I will it will improve my soloing.

Rob said...

Freddy, this will improve your soloing, but I think what will help more is learning to play melodically.

Don't take that the wrong way, stuff like this is great for building speed and technique- but speed and technique do not a solo make.

Anonymous said...

Hi third pos & fourth pos pic are wrong pics, pls change it. there is also another pic wrong, ck by youself.
good musician but no brain.