Bass Guitarist finds Musical Influence with FREEKBASS

This hit my inbox this afternoon and I couldn't wait to get it out to the readers. I have read many reviews about Rock House products over the years but once in a while you run into one that I written purely from the heart. That is what was forwarded to me today.

The writer is a bassist that like many of us was comfortable with what he was doing when playing bass guitar. He could keep up with bands and carry the beat as it needed to be carried. Then one day he decided to try and improve upon what what he was doing. He bought the Rock House DVDs "Funk Bass" Level 1 and 2 featuring the one and only FREEKBASS. I will let the bassists words speak for themselves below.

"I've been playing bass for about 10 years (You'd THINK I'd be good by now, but not as good as I'd like). Pretty much self-taught, mostly in punk and rock groups. I've always been able to compliment whatever band I was in well, but never felt I'd ever "stand out" as a bassist, but I've been content with just being considered "solid rhythm section who puts on a good live show".

About six months ago I decided it was time to get serious about improving my skills as a bassist instead of just conforming to whatever band I was playing with at the time. I started reading about music theory, but I had a REALLY hard time picking up instructional books and videos because I felt I wasn't the targeted audience of most instructional videos - I was always either disappointed because the video was way too basic for me, or I'd get frustrated because I'd pick one up that ended up being way too advanced for me. Then I found some good ones - The bassist's grimore was the first one I found. It was full of decent information that I could apply (once I got music theory down a bit more). But it wasn't enough - It didn't break me out of the mold I had put myself in. Again, let me state that I'm a rock and punk bassist, playing in the occasional industrial band as well - I decided that if I was going to break out of the musical rut I was in, I'd want to expand my influences and incorporate some other sounds into my playing style.

I found "Funk Bass level one and two" and have to say that I'm SO glad I did (and so is my guitarist). I didn't even find the basic stuff you put in there "too basic" for me, but rather more like a warmup for the more advanced stuff in your video. I'm more comfortable incorporating funky riffs into my playing, and it fits perfectly. With the skills I've learned using your video, I feel like I've broken out of just complimenting drums and guitars and created my own sound while still bridging the other instruments. Let me say thank you for not only that, but opening up my musical influences to a whole new generation of funk bassists. You've become a musical influence to me. For that, let me say thank you, and keep laying down the funk."
-gee the funky punk

So there it is, as honest as it comes. If you are looking for way to get inspired with your own performance. Check out the Mother site of The Rock House Blog and look through all the great ways you can improve what you are doing musically and maybe even change you life....just a bit.

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Stormy Maverick said...

Very Kewl! Although I don't pretend to be a "funkmaster", I have both funk DVDs and find there is stuff in there that is useful to me as well.