The Rock House Blogs 10 Top Guitar Lessons of 2008

It’s hard to believe the end of another year is upon us. With that in mind it’s time for me to get on the ball before the end of the year gets here. So without further ado, here are the top 10 guitar lessons for the year that you the readers found most helpful or interesting.

10. Intermediate Rhythm Guitar Lesson  - Explore some of the many different rhythym techniques and styles.

 9. Finger Building Exercises for Guitar - A lesson to build up your little piggies.

 8. Basic Rhythym Techniques for Guitar  - Rhythyms that are standard popular progressions to get you started.

 7. Hands of Steel Workout Routine -  This is routine #3 from The Hands of Steel DVD presented by John McCarthy

 6. 12 Bar Blues Progression Guitar Lesson - Dive into some basic fretboard visualization and 12 bar blues progressions.

 5. Fingerpicking 101 Guitar Lesson - Tackling the basics of fingerpicking.

 4. Alexi Laiho Video Lesson - Alexi shows how to create a great metal rhythm beat from The Children of Bodoms song "Living Dead"

 3.  Developing a Shred Picking Technique - This lesson not only applies to you metal lovers because It doesn’t matter what style of music you want to pursue, picking is an essential part of any guitar players technique.

 2.  Alexi Laiho Video Lesson - Alexi Laiho how to make a Single Note Riff Into A Heavy Rhythm.

 1. 20 Songs Every Beginner Guitarist Shoud Know - The boys from Rock House put their thinking caps on and compiled a list of easy to learn songs that will challenge you but not make you want to throw your guitar in the fireplace.

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