From Audio Jungle - 8 Amp Myths

Perusing my mail alerts today I ran across an interesting post from The Audio Jungle. The writer Adrian has some interesting views on some myths about amplifies from guitar guru Ryan Bennett .

In the article Ryan talks about:

1. Bigger is Better

2. Double Watts is Double Volume

3. Brand Name is Everything

4. You Have to Have a Stack to be Cool

5. Tubes are Fragile

6. Built-in Effects are as Good as Pedals

7. You Can’t Get Tone Out of Solid State

8. A Really Good Amp Will Make You Sound Awesome

If you have some confusion about amps or are thinking about getting one you owe it to yourself to check out this short and informative perspective on amps.

Check it out here: 8 Guitar Amp Myths: How Many Do You Believe?

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Stormy Maverick said...

A good read. Not too wordy and gets to the point about each topic. Thanks for posting!