Your Input on Rock House Instructors and Artist

Have you ever wanted to have input on something that was important to you like what you would like to see from the Rock House Instructors or even input on the newest ones who will have their material in production down the road. Well here's your chance.

JP from Rock House wants input from people about what they are wanting to see in their instructional videos. You can email him about your ideas and thoughts at  mailto:info@rockhousemethod.com I know of no other company in the instructional music business that asks this from their client base and find it a unique aspect of Rock House.

I want to propose to the readers out there this. Look at the web sites of the 2 instructors that were signed this week. Alex Skolnick and Kiko Loureiro. Listen to thier music, watch a couple of their videos and then email JP and John at the address above and give them your thought and ideas on what you would like to see come from these 2 instructors that would be important to you.

Here's the links to their sites.

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