The Task of Finding The Right Rock House Instructors

What a daunting job. With all the addition of Instructors to Rock House lately I found myself pondering about what went into finding the right one's. I was over whelmed with the thought actually. The process of figuring out what styles of musical instructon you want to produce wasn't the big thing. I was thinking about it from the aspect of who do you bring "on board", who do you trust to "do the job" and do you know they can do it. Is it important to find someone that has a big name or do you make the instructional tallent the first priority.

I talked with Joe Palombo about the task at hand, he told me that after the first initial thoughts of a style of playing come up along with suggestions of possible musicians that could fit what their looking for John McCarthy listens to their music, watches live videos of them and evaluates their musical abilities. Then an interview or discussion takes place with the ones that pass Johns personal criteria along with his business partner Joe.

Joe gave me a few examples of what kinds of questions are asked:

1. What is your background in music education?
2. Have you taught guitar before or done any instructional programs?
3. What do you think are your strongest talents as a guitarist (or musician)?
4. Which do you feel you want to focus on?
5. Which do other guitarists ask you about most?
6. I hear many techniques that you use. Tell me your thoughts on what you would like to focus on.

They both agree on the biggest aspect of producing quality instructional videos. That is to find the best possible and most talented musicians, not just ones with commercial appeal.

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