Review of Rock House Method "Fretboard Autopsy" featuring Rusty Cooley

If you look around the Internet you never know what you'll find. Today I found a review of The Rock House Method DVD "Fretboard Autopsy" with instructor and speed guitarist Rusty Cooley. It's an excellent review from another blog Guitar Noize.

Here are a few excerpts from the review;

"Rusty has created a complete tutorial to help you visualise the fretboard by first playing all 7 modes moving up the fretboard (which is also included in a tab booklet inside the DVD cover) and then by creating patterns that overlap the different 3 note per string mode patterns to help you see the relationships".

"Another nice feature of the DVDs are the extras that come as part of the package. First of all you get a 30 minute interview with Rusty Cooley, unfortunately both DVDs contain the same interview but it is very interesting and gives you some insight into Rusty’s influences and how he focused on practice at an early age".

"These DVDs are aimed at guitarists with some theory knowledge you should know what modes are if you are to fully appreciate this course but it is not essential it may even teach you everything you need to know about modes in the process of watching".

"Rusty is a good teacher who instructs clearly and concisely which, considering he is self taught shows how much of a natural musician he is".

I recommend that everyone interested in Fretboard Autopsy read this review, it's a clear honest unsolicited opinion of what you can expect if you buy it.

For more info about Fretboard Autopsy you can check it out at http://www.rockhousemethod.com/ and click on RH Catalog.
Thanks Guitar Noize !


The Old Man said...

It was indeed info I needed to know. And like I told them over there, it is one of the many RHM products on my list of future purchases.

Stormy Maverick said...

Very nice review! It wouldn't surprise me to find a lot of buzz out there about Rock House products. This stuff is top of the line.

sarge1875 said...

They are well done DVDs and Rusty is smooth thats for sure.