Members of XFactorX Have Been Busy Guys

News from the XFactorX web site http://www.xfactorx.com/ The band features self proclaimed best bassest in the universe and Rock House Instructor Chris McCarvill.

Andre Vanchot - Also the vocalist for Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister on his solo project. You can also catch Dre playing locally with his cover bands Kung Fu Grip and Streets.

Andre was recently on DEAL OR NO DEAL.

Chris McCarvill - Chris recently toured the world with the bands DOKKEN, House of Lords, and Jeff Scott Soto. Also the bassist for Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister on his solo project, Obsession with Mike Vescera, and a new band Samurai Cab Co. with BJ Zampa. Chris recently played the winter NAMM show in California along side George Lynch and Alexi Laiho. Find out more about Chris at his MySpace.

John Bruno - Also the guitarist for Obsession with Mike Vescera. Also opened a great guitar shop in Milford CT called Route 1 Guitars. Find out more about John on his MySpace.

Tony Mei has recently rejoined X Factor X and is once again sweating away on the drums! Tony also plays in his cover band LOST.

All of this and they are still maintaining X Factor X!

Keep and eye out for a new X Factor X album, coming soon.


Stormy Maverick said...

Great to hear Chris is a busy man. The guy knows his bass better than Tarzan knows the fleas on Cheetah's back!

sarge1875 said...

He does a ton styles for sure