This is not an official announcement just a little inside scoop on what we're working on.

I wanted to let every one know that we wil be launching a new web site. The web site will be called jampages.com and will be the first online or print magazine designed specifically for the beginner and intermediate Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitar player.

It will be filled with easy to understand lessons, articles and other cool effective interactive learning tools. It will have "Song Surgery" which will disect and examine songs and their structure, "Sound Like Your Hero" a section dedicated to showing people how their hero's get their sound, "Lick Challange" where you can learn different riffs and much, much more!

For the past five years Rock House has been developing and cultivating an army of new players accross the world and now through jampages you will all have your own magazine with easy to understand and relevant content that suits your level of play.

We have been working with several of your fellow community members in a focus group on helping develop this web site. Nothing like haveing the people who will use it help develop it.

jampages.com will be launching very soon, I'll keep you posted.

Joe P.


sarge1875 said...

Very cool JP

Darkstrike said...

Its gonna rock!

Stormy Maverick said...

Three words! BRING IT ON! ! ! !

Scott said...

This should be cool! Already have it bookmarked

Karniv0r said...

I was wondering what happened to "play like your hero". It sounds very cool.