Girls Who Rock - The Rock House Girl of the Week, Anke

The Rock House Method Girl who Rocks is Jacky.

There's a lot of attention given to guys who can tear up the fretboard but there's a lot of girls who do too.

RH: When did you start playing?

Anke:  I started playing when I was 14, everyone played guitar so I decided to play bass cause it looks cooler ;)

RH: Why should girls rock?

Anke: I like going out and see bands live but I really love to see sexy girls on stage!

RH: Whats your favorite music to play?

Anke: I love to play groovy hardrockstuff, especially midtempo-songs!

RH: Your Musical Goals?

Anke: I don´t really have musical goals, I just want to have fun on stage and see a lot of people enjoying it!

RH: What guitars do you play?

Anke: I have so many basses ... My main bass is a pink Dean Zone Bass, I also love playing my Daisy Rock Stardust and my Gibson Grabber.

RH: Are you in a band?

Anke: Yes, my band is called Nikki Puppet (nikkipuppet.de), we make hardrock with a female singer. I love this band!!! Please visit our homepage!

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