Rob Balducci - Shut Up and Play Your Guitar - Lick of The Week

Rob Balducci's Lick of the Week comes with no words of wisdom. The Lick is just exactly what it says it "Shut Up and Play Your Guitar". Rob explains about the video on his my space site http://www.myspace.com/robbalducci


"I hope everybody is doing great! This new Lick Of The Week I am using my Ibanez RGA Violet Horizon Guitar!! using George L's cables running into the Ibanez TS 808 HW , Keeley 4 knob compressor my Morley Tremonti wah and into the Cornford MK 5011 with the Maxon AD 999 pro in the effects loop".

"I was just hanging and plugged into my rig and this is what I filmed. I thought of the title because this Lick Of The Week has no talking just playing. So Shut Up And Play Your Guitar seemed perrrrrrfect for the title. I hope you guys have been digging the LOTW's... more to come"!


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Gary Fletcher said...

Great title for a post!