Gibson-Guitar of the Month for November 2008 Longhorn Double-cutaway

Gibson’s pioneering spirit has no boundaries, and nowhere is this more evident than in Gibson USA’s Guitar of the Month for November 2008, the Longhorn Double-cutaway in Heritage Cherry Sunburst.

This soon-to-be-classic features Gibson’s newest body design, consisting of slightly extended, asymmetrical cutaways on a solid piece of mahogany, topped by a AA-grade figured maple top. White three-ply binding around the body and traditional headstock adds both beauty and protection to this new model.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there.

A special-design L.R. Baggs piezo pickup has been added underneath the Tune-o-matic bridge to deliver outstanding acoustic simulation capabilities. A pair of EMG’s legendary 85 active humbuckers deliver extraordinary tone, power, and performance at all levels, while a new two-jack input, also from L.R. Baggs, offers separate outputs for both the piezo and humbuckers. This gives players the option of blending the two distinct sounds, or playing them individually, thus enabling guitarists to dial in all types of sonic possibilities. The neck is one-piece mahogany with Gibson’s traditional ’50s rounded profile, topped by an ebony fingerboard with white acrylic small-block fretboard inlays created especially for the Longhorn.

Also in keeping with tradition is the headstock’s Flowerpot inlay, which dates back to the early 1900s and has adorned several of Gibson’s historic mandolins and celebrated archtops, including the L-5.

The new Gibson USA Longhorn Double-cutaway is yet another notable addition to Gibson’s current collection of special edition guitars, and production is limited to just 1,000. Click here for more information on Gibson Guitar of the Month for November 2008.

More info at http://www.gibson.com/


Stormy Maverick said...

OK.... that guitar is so "purty" it almost makes a bass player jealous... almost!

sarge1875 said...

They need to do some designing for bass Stormy, you guys need to spend money too!

Anonymous said...

Sarge1875, I'm sort of a guitar noob, generally speaking do you prefer Gibsons to Ibanezes? What's your take?


sarge1875 said...

I personally own a couple Ibanez guitars but I have played many Gibsons too, there is defenitly something to be said having one in your hands. I love the feel of them.