Rob Balducci LIck of the Week - Dancing With The Studio Devil

Rob Balducci's new Lick Of The Week is all about the Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro software. Rob says he's never been a big fan of any modeling amp software until he was turned onto The Studio Devil by Marc Gallo. 

The Rock House Instructor is quoted from his web site "There is nothing out there and I mean nothing that sounds like this software. It is amazing and Studio Devil went through a lot off work to get this software to sound like an amp! and it does…. It feels just like I am plugged into an amp head, the feel is amazing and as you can hear so is the sound. This is just one preset that I made.. PS Studio Devil and I are working on Rob Balducci presets so stay tuned. It reacts well to pedals as well. In this video I am using mY Ibanez RG plugged into a Morley Maverick wah and then into a Ibanez TS 808 HW and then into pro tools. Thats it."
The delay and reverb and a little gate are all coming from the Studio Devil Pro. I hope you dig it.. please go and check this out you will not be disappointed.

You can Catch Rob at NAMM 2012 on January 19,20 and 21 at the Studio Devil Booth.

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