Stage Gear’s Latest Microphones

Under its “Stage Gear” series, St. Louis Music has unveiled two new entry-level microphones, the SSH100L Uni-Directional Mic and the SSH300L Cardioid Dynamic Mic. Both are Low Z microphones and come with a 15-foot low-impedance cable.

“These are an excellent addition to our growing Stage Gear line products,” says SLM CEO Mark Ragin. “We understand that quality, entry-level products are important, and we’re hoping musicians and retailers take to them.” He adds that the company will continue to build on St. Louis Music as a brand, and that these mics are just another of the long line of house brands being developed.

The Uni-Directional Mic will have a MSRP of $39.95, and the Cardioid Dynamic Mic will be at $49.95. For more information on placing an order or becoming a dealer, please email info@usbandsupplies.com or call 1-800-727-4512.

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