3rd Power British Dream

The new British Dream is a hand-wired 1x12 combo valve amplifier designed to deliver iconic guitar tones inspired by two British classics, the 1959 AC30 and the 1968 Marshall Plexi.

A sister model to the American Dream introduced in Summer 2010, the new British Dream uses the same tubes found in the originals, but combines them with designer Jamie Scott's circuit design and cabinet structure to create a modern combo amp.

The British Dream makes its debut at the 3rd Power booth, #2984 in Hall D, at NAMM 2011.

The British Dream is a hand-wired, two-channel tube combo guitar amp featuring an Invasion ('59 AC) Channel and a '68 Plexi Channel, with a special design 12-inch speaker housed within 3rd Power's triangular inner chamber. A removable triangular Switchback port on the back panel gives the user a choice of open- or closed-back operation.

The power section features the same tube types used in the original amps, with EL34 power tubes, switchable between 45 and 20 watts operation.

The '59 AC Channel uses an original EF86 pentode and features Tone and Top Cut controls. The Plexi Channel has classic Bass, Middle and Treble controls, and is powered by two 12AX7 triodes. A third 12AX7 tube is included in the amp's phase inverter circuit. A global Presence knob rounds out the tone controls.

3rd Power also offers the Celestion Alnico Gold speaker as an optional upgrade, and will also offer the British Dream as a standalone head amp.

You can learn more by going to 3rdpoweramps.com

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