Chris McCarvill and The Samurai Cab Co. Video Screening Party

Rock House Instructor Chris McCarvill and his band The Samurai Cab Company have been working on a video for their song "I'll Be Fine".

In a news letter posted on the band Facebook site McCarvill stated "If I had to estimate, I'd say about a thousand of you have helped in some way or another with this, so the thank you list is a bit large..."

The reason for so many people? Well McCavill says "I'm not going to really say why but it literally took hundreds of friends to make the video. I spent the summer call in favors and talking to friends. I have real taste for adventure when it comes to music. So, it's possible that you may be in it and I want to share it with everyone."

"We will be showing the official "I'll Be Fine" video (probably more than once), as well as the rough edit (15 minutes long, thank you), plus all kinds of bloopers and funny stuff."

Be there or be square:

Cook's in Naugatuck
203 Church St # 1
Naugatuck, CT

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