"The Weekend Read" is a good list of guitar related articles, guitar lessons, gear reviews, news and sometimes plain old good reading that I've found from our blog roll over the past week. It's a short list this week but there's still plenty o' good reading.

Strat-O-Blogster - I don't talk about pedals very often-- especially distortion pedals-- double especially METAL DISTORTION pedals...Emma PisdiYAUwot Effects Pedal

Share My Guitar - Today while doing a short promo video for their cables, I used a few analogies that got me thinking about how important the interconnection is between the guitar and the amp and ultimately, it’s output to the audience...Guitar Zen: PLUG IN and Get CONNECTED!!

Not Playing Guitar - This guitar lesson for intermediate players introduces easy pattern you can use to play double-stop sixths licks. Double stop sixths can be used either as part of a solo or as a rhythm guitar technique to create some moving lines in the backing part. Either way they sound great in blues, soul, R&B and rock styles...Essential Double Stop Sixths For Guitar

markmcguigan.com - Satch’s new album ‘Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards” is released this very day! So I thought it’s be cool to look at one of the cracking riffs on the new album, the main riff to ‘Light Years away’...MasterThatRiff! 65 – Joe Satriani “Light Years Away”

I Heart Guitar - INTERVIEW: Joe Satriani

Guitar Noize - The Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster is 2 pedals combined, a BJF Little Red Trebler and a BJF Red Rooster Booster connected in that order with a Master volume and a switchable buffer...Review: Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster

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