Rob Balducci's Lick Of The Week - Showing Off His New Ibanez RGA

I was glad to see this posted at You Tube this morning, I had been going into "Lick Of The Week" withdrawals from Rock House Instructor/Artist Rob Balducci. 

In this weeks edition Rob Demo's the newest member of his guitar collection, an Ibanez RGA Prestige. Balducci says, "This is an RGA Prestige but it has some custom modifications to it. It is very similar to what you can buy in the stores" and describes the color as "Bal-Cranburst"!

"This guitar has a swamp ash body, the neck is maple with a bubinga strip running through it all the way into the head stock. The Fretboard is maple and has a Libra symbol at the 11-13 frets, treble side dot markers.
The Bridge is an Ibanez Edge Zero which is my favorite bridge. The pick-ups are Dimarzio ofcourse. The neck is a Dimarzio Pro Track and and bridge is a Dimarzio Steve Special (named after Steve Blucher from Dimarzio). I have a 3 position toggle switch and a volume and tone knob, all of which have been moved down so my picking hand does not hit into them".

The tone speaks for itself on this one. I hope you guys dig it!

I suggest you go check out the Ibanez RGA Prestige guitars.


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