DR Strings Feature New Proprietary K3™ Technology for coated Guitar and Bass String Sets.

Clearer, Stronger, Musical

DR Strings is proud to announce a new step forward in guitar string coating technology…K3™. The patent pending K3™ Technology coating is now available on all DR coated guitar and bass strings. A new K3™ guitar pick logo has been added to the packaging.

K3™ is the first coating to make NO apologies, and NO excuses. Clarity, musicality and strength are all hallmarks of the new K3™ coating.

DR’s new K3™ coating has been proven to last at least 9 times longer (by documented factory tests) than previous DR coatings. The new, durable K3™ coating will NOT strip away, peel or come off under any playing condition we have put it thorough in numerous, stressful factory tests.

DR’s K3™ coating was designed to complement the musicality of a guitar string. In blind tests, players said DR’s new K3™ coated strings sound as good, or better than, uncoated strings.

K3™ coated string sets are now shipping for both domestic and international clients.More info can be found at http://www.drstrings.com/

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You guys rock for posting this first!!! Look for another DR announcement tomorrow!!!