Alex Skolnick Trio/Rodrigp y Gabriela Tour Cancelled Due To Gabriela's Joint Pain

It's never an easy decision to cancel or postpone a tour. Such a decision has recently come to light for the dynamic guitarist Gabriela Quintero, half of the Rodrigo y Gabriela Duo set to start their U.S. Tour with support from The Alex Skolnick Trio.

In a press release the guitar team stated, "After a year of relentless touring, the wear and tear finally caught up with Gabriela. Her incredibly physical style of play involves banging out complex rhythms on the neck and body of her guitar night after night, putting great stress upon her right hand and arm as well as joints like the wrist and elbow. It is under doctors recommendation that she rest her joints and muscles to avoid further harm and permanent damage."

It's a frustrating situation and the duo is anxious to reschedule dates and get back on tour as soon as possible. We at Rock House wish Gabriela a speedy recovery.

The press release can be read at http://rodgabfan.com/

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