Win Lamb of God's Tickets for Life Street Team Contest

Via Lamb of God on my space for more info go to http://www.myspace.com/lambofgod

How would you like to not have to worry about coming up with the cash to see Lamb of God wherever they might be on a US tour? For example: They're going to be in Boston, and you and a friend want to catch the show? You're in. Two days later, you are going to be in Atlanta with family or on business, and you and another friend want to see them? No problem. Years down the line Lamb of God will be in Dallas, and you will be there....can you get in? Absolutely. This will all be possible because you were the person to win the Lamb of God Street Team's Tickets for Life Contest! 

Email pictures of you with your Lamb of God swag...you and your friends with their copies... artwork, posters, banners…if you want, get your friends together and have a Wrath party! Post the footage on youtube and email the link. Be creative! If you want to do your own music video…have at it! The possibilities are truly endless to show your love for Lamb of God! As always, PLEASE show your love in a LEGAL manner. Any submissions that are deemed illegal will NOT be considered as a contest submission and WILL be deleted instantly.

Please email your submissions to Jase at streetteam@lamb-of-god.com and be sure to include with your photo, video, etc...

Your full name
Your phone number
Your address
A valid email address (sometimes people will email us from a work email, and when we try to get in contact with them, they are no longer there, and the email becomes invalid)

Grand Prize: Street Team swag including; shirts, stickers, posters, guitar picks, used drum stick, and more. A signed drum head, and of course, Tickets for Life.

Runners Up Receive: Street Team swag and a signed New American Gospel LP.

All valid submissions will receive promotional items.


If you have any questions, please email Jase at streetteam@lamb-of-god.com

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