SUMMER NAMM 2010 - FLAXWOOD Guiatrs Adds 2 New Electrics

The new Flaxwood DMZ-N Vasara in Piki gloss black 

A true rocker's dream, the DMZ-N Vasara (English translation: 'Hammer') is designed to offer players fat power chords, screaming harmonics, singing sustain and a commanding appearance. Featuring DiMarzio Crunchlab and FRED® pickups and a Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge, the DMZ-N is ideal for heavier rock and metal music. 

The Flaxwood 3S-T Haarii Special in Saraste tobaccoburst
The new 3S-T Haarii Special offers a unique combination of P90 warmth and single coil twang. Designed to deliver super, muscular 'Strat'-like tones while preserving the warmth and deep responsiveness that characterizes all Flaxwood guitars, the Seymour Duncan SP90 pickup in the neck gives the instrument full, jazz box-like tones, while the two Duncan SSL-6's create all the twang and bite you'd ever want. 

The guitar also features the ultra stable Schaller LP Tremolo bridge, 5-way switch and a uniquely wired blend knob that adds the bridge pickup in the neck position and the neck pickup in the bridge, or bridge/middle position, allowing for all three pickups to be used at once. It's a truly versatile instrument that covers nearly any style of music.
For more details and photos, kindly contact Jussi Reijonen: info@flaxwood.com

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Anonymous said...

Flaxwood has a great product and more guitar players are becoming aware of their eco-friendly wood based material that provides a vintage tone, sustain and playability, without any problems caused by humidity.