Summer NAMM 2010 - EVH® Introduces Wolfgang™ Special Guitar

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (June 18, 2010) – EVH is proud to introduce the new EVH Wolfgang Special guitar based on the hugely-successful U.S.-made EVH Wolfgang guitar designed by Eddie Van Halen.

The Wolfgang Special is a pro-level signature guitar, handmade in Japan, featuring many of the same exclusive custom appointments as its U.S.-made counterpart for less than half the price.

Some of these unique features include a basswood body with maple veneer flat top and single ply body binding, and a quartersawn maple neck complete with an AA birdseye maple compound radius fretboard and 22 vintage-style stainless steel frets.

Additional features it shares with its U.S.-made counterpart include custom-designed “EVH Wolfgang” humbucking pickups, an EVH branded Floyd Rose® locking tremolo system with D-Tuna®, a 3-position toggle switch, two Bourns® low-friction controls (1 x 250k, 1 x 500k), EVH tuning machines, and a custom SKB molded striped case. Available in Vintage White, Tobacco Burst and Black polyurethane finishes.

For more information, go to www.evhgear.com.


Maria Mcclain said...

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terrywhite1 said...
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terrywhite1 said...

I have had a chance recently to check out the EVH Wolfgang Special and even though there is no left-handed model available just yet I was still able to get a decent feel for the guitar.

I have played the Original U.S.A. model of the EVH Wolfgang which does now offer a left-handed model, I was allowed to play it for a couple of hour and I can tell you that I have never played any guitar that plays as well or as easy. The steel fret wires just make bending strings so easy, and I don’t know if it is the pickups or just the overall design of the guitar but it is a harmonic monster (any kind of harmonic) they just ring out with little or no effort at all.

The U.S.A. model is just out of my price range or there would defiantly be one of them at my house.

The reason that I am talking so much about the U.S.A. version is that outside of a couple of tiny things which are really mostly only cosmetic the guitars a exactly alike.

The much less expensive Wolfgang Special has the exact same neck, fingerboard, fret wires, pickups, all of the major components are identical, and it plays every bit as well. The action is the same, bending is effortless and just like the U.S.A. model the harmonics just ring scream out.

Usually when a company produces a less expensive version of a U.S.A. made guitar there are almost always some quality issues of some kind. They will either use less expensive components, or wiring, or just the quality of the way the guitar is assembled is lower.
But this is not the case at all with the Wolfgang Special, from what little I was able to see and feel for myself, as well as talking to a couple of dozen people that own both the U.S.A. and the Japanese made Wolfgang Special, and they all love it.

The only real differences are the Wolfgang Special uses a flat top body and the U.S.A. Model uses an arched top, there is a little difference in the binding on the body, and the Wolfgang Special does not have any binding around the headstock.

Many people that I have talked to are actually buying 2 of the Specials.

There is talk (only talk for now) of some new colors in the future.

Here is a YouTube URL that has a great Demo of the Wolfgang Special.
Click Here To See Demo Of EVH Wolfgang Special

LOL maybe in 8 or 9 months they will offer the Wolfgang Special in a lefty and by then I can afford to get on.

Terry White