Rob Balducci's "Lick of The Week" - Chords and Melody - Make a Nice Sandwich

Rock House Instructor and Favored Nations Artist Rob Balducci posted a new "Lick of the Week". 

Rob describes in the video how chords and melodies make a nice sandwich and uses a a new tune called "Burrata" to get his point across. Balducci went on to say, "The inspiration comes from when I was in Italy and I was with my good friends Katia and Stefano. Sometimes in life certain foods or smells or whatever bring back memories of good times spent with good people, this is what this song is about".

"I always judge my new material in the sense that I must remember the melody. It has to stick in your head after the song is done, this is what I mean by Chords and Melody make a good sandwich. Pete Townsend once said, a melody and chords make a great song and everything else is just icing. It doe not matter how many guitar tracks are on a song, or sound effects or drum parts and percussion, if you do not have the right chords and a good melody the song is going to suck. This is how I choose my material, if I like it and the melody sticks in your head , your fur rises... then the song is ready to go. The fur rises is a term that means the hair on your arms and the back of your neck stand up... this is always a sign of a good tune".

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