Rusty Cooley Launches His New Band "Day of Reckoning"

I got an email today from Rock House Instructor Rusty Cooley. He has new bad ass band "Day of Reckoning". The band is just finishing up a 9 song demo that you can listen to at their new my space site http://www.myspace.com/dayofreckoningmetal.

Cooley commented "It's been a while and it was a dark couple of years recovering from the break up of Outworld I never thought I would be putting another band together. But certain doors close so others can open and man not only has it opened ... the door was blown right off of the hinges!

The band features Eric Lauer - vocals, Matt Smith - drums and Andretti Medina on rhythm guitars.

Check out their my space site, the demo teasers will bow you away!

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