Pro Tones New Blasko Signature Bass Overdrive

The Blasko Bass Overdrive pedal is meant to be as versatile as Blasko himself. In the course of an evening onstage with Ozzy, Blasko will need to cover a wide range of styles from tender ballads to hard charging metal anthems. This pedal performs perfectly in such an eclectic set list.

BLASKO Bass Overdrive

The unit comes equipped with a Baxandall EQ system for ultimate tone shaping capabilities and sits in the pocket of low to medium-high gain; at low settings you’ll be pleased to feel its vintage amp like response and tone, while at high gain settings you’ll get some spicy gain heating up your signal, sending it into a modern metal/industrial realm. Pushing the ‘Hi’ and ‘Low’ controls will give you a more scooped mid-range and add additional grit to your signal. Additionally, the unit can be powered anywhere from 9-18volts. At higher voltage you’ll get increased clarity, more output, and an overall edgier tone.

* Gain, Treble, Bass, and Volume controls
* Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or (negative tip) BOSS style adapter
* True Hardwire Bypass for noise free operation
* Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
* Durable aluminum housing
* Neutrik Jacks
* Proudly built by hand in Crossroads, Texas

The Blasko Bass Overdrive will begin shipping on June 15th.
Pre-orders are being accepted at http://protonepedals.com/?p=599


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