The Weekend Read - Guitar Lessons, Tips, Tricks and News

It was a good week for the almighty Rock House Blog, blog roll. Our friends spent some time posting guitar performing tips, lessons, advice and reviews. Don't forget to check out this weeks lesson on our little corner of the guitar world on Creating Harmonized Leads & Melodies by Jimmy Rutkowski.

Cameron Mizell - Guitarist - While it’s entirely possible to warm up with scales and arpeggios, I always begin with these non-musical exercises so I don’t have to think about what key to warm up in, or what kind of arpeggios to play. All I have to do is pick up the guitar and start playing these patterns to warm up all my fingers and picking hand equally...My Guitar Warm-Up Routine

Desafinados - ¿Os creéis capaces de reconocer de oido todos los intervalos de notas musicales? Con la siguiente aplicación, que bien podría considerarse un juego, podemos aprender y practicar los distintos intervalos musicales...Aprender los intervalos musicales

Double Bass Blog - What double bass strings are your current favorite…Bass Blog Raffle Topic for April 2010

Fretbase - Deep in the Fretbase Labs we were able to test drive the Line 6 Relay G30 system in a couple of settings and compare it to regular audio cables...Review: Line 6 Relay G30 Digital Wireless System

Guitar Friendly - I found out that some surveys report that public speaking ranks as one of the biggest fears for people, even above death, heights, spiders, and flying. For many, this statistic also translates into a fear of performing on stage in front of a large group of people or just playing your guitar for a group of friends...4 Guitar Performance Tips for Overcoming Nerves & Anxiety

Guitar Licks - I remember that good old days before digital music came our way. Listening to music that was on vinyl was more of a religious experience...The days before digital music

Guitar Player Zen - So what can you do so that you are on the right path to guitar and musical enlightenment?...You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Guitar Teacher - Guitar Beginners are excited about learning the guitar but often get nervous about making wrong first-steps in the beginning. Here are answers to some questions that are asked repeatedly in my beginner guitar lessons. I hope this helps some of you out...8 Answers for Guitar Beginners

Guitarkadia - There you are with your dreams, ambitions, and goals. And there they are, far away, the achievements, the accolades, the recognitions. Miles apart some days, oh so near on some...Doing What You Love Doing. And Keeping On.

Guitarz - Uh-oh! The pointy guitars are back - and this isn't even Bertram posting this time!...Grand Suzuki Explorer 

I Heart Guitar - Wireless systems have been around for decades but they’ve always had their drawbacks: squashed sound, added noise, performance-stifling latency, and the tendency to pick up the sound from passing military aircraft (just ask Nigel Tufnel). Well, Line 6 has come to the rescue with the Relay Guitar Wireless System series...REVIEW: Line 6 Relay G30 guitar wireless system

Marks Guitar Blog - We are starting a series of lessons on the Major Pentatonic scale...Major Pentatonic Scale Lesson #1

Muzicosphere - Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010 News in French (Use your translator)...Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010

Not Playing Guitar - Mistakes are inevitable as you learn and play, they happen to all of us, no matter how well we play. So, if making mistakes is something we have no chance of escaping from can we turn them into something positive to help us play better guitar...Learn Guitar - How to Recover From Mistakes

Rock Guitar Life - Here are a few of my favorite things I like to do when trying out a new guitar...Testing a new guitar 

Share My Guitar - My first impressions of the Page Hamilton ESP where that I thought it was an old 80’s guitar put through some serious touring. With its tattered looks and worn finish, I had to find out how it played...Review: The ESP LTD Page Hamilton Signature Guitar

Strat-O-Blogster - We're eternally grateful to reader John L. for scouting out hot guitar talent for our Young Guitar Wonders family. BAM! Just like that, he sends me three of 'em too!!!...A Tale of 3 Young Guitar Wonders 

Street Musician - Last summer I took part in the World Busk, which was an event to raise money for David Juritz’s charity - Musequality, the event was also a world record attempt to get the most people busking simultaneously around the world at any one time...Street Musician's - 100 Musicians For Charity Challenge 

The Classical Guitar Blog - Is that it’s probably not going away, and we should be grateful for that. The nervousness and excitement before a concert is what gives us that edge as a performer–it’s what makes interpretations exciting and keeps us coming back...The Real Truth About Performance Anxiety

The Guitar Buzz - I didn’t say I could PLAY like Jeff Beck, but after reading some of his comments in a recent interview with the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, I realized that I sure do THINK like Jeff Beck...I’m a Lot Like Jeff Beck…

True Fire - Whether you’re recording in your bedroom or at a high-end studio, these very simple recording techniques can have a huge, positive impact on the sound you lay down...7 Quick Tips for Recording Great Guitar

Truth in Shreading - A *hit load of shredding videos...Truth in Shreading

Have a rockin' weekend!



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Thanks for the link!

Sarge said...

Good article Emon....your welcome.

Todd said...

Thanks for sharing your warm-up. The stretching section helped with a nagging mild hand discomfort.

Sarge said...

@ Todd. Glad it helped you, thanks for stopping by the blog.