The Weekend Read for April 16th - Guitar Lessons, Tips, Tricks and News

It was another good week for the almighty Rock House Blog's blog roll. Our friends spent some time posting quality guitar performing tips, lessons, advice and reviews. Don't forget to check out this weeks lesson on our little corner of the guitar world "Mad Bass Chops" - Bass Guitar Lesson from Chris McCarvill and info about pre-ordering Jeff Loomis "Extreme Lead Guitar" Rock House Method DVD.

....and now the read.

Desafinados - Download and watch online sheet music and guitar tablature Teacher Guthrie GovanAre disc Erotic Cakes. Use Google translator if needed...Tab Guthrie Govan Erotic Cakes

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - Considering the price point and variety of handheld digital recorders currently available, you don't have a lot of excuse to not be recording...Handheld digital recorders

Freekbass' Blog - "Reds Fan", a track from the original Reds' "Clutch Hits" CD compilation, was written by Freekbass to describe his passion for The Cincinnati Reds Baseball team. The song is played regularly at the home of the Reds, Great American Ball Park...Opening Day - 'Reds Fan' now available at iTunes

Guitar Friendly - Are you considering to learn how to play guitar? If you are, you might have quite a few questions rolling through your mind. These are some common questions that I’ve been asked by beginning guitar players...Frequently Asked Questions by Pre-Beginning Guitarists

Guitar Noize - I’m glad to say Guitar Pro 6 has had a complete overhaul of the user interface and has fixed both of the problems mentioned above by allow multiple documents to open in tabs like you would see in a web browser and the toolbar has been moved into a left hand panel...Review: Guitar Pro 6

I Heart Guitar - Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has been using a signature Randall head based on the company’s MTS platform (with interchangable tube preamp modules) for a few years now. While it’s a very useful and toneful product, there are a few little setbacks in getting MTS to the masses...REVIEW: Randall KH120RHS

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - We all know that Apple changed everything with the iTunes store, but what about those of us who actually create music? What has Steve Jobs done for us?...5 Ways the iPad Can Change Music

Jemsite - The Guitar Hero series on Jemsite features interviews with guitarists and musicians who may not have star status YET, but their current situations have shaped them to be who they are--determined, fond of their craft, and heroes in their own right...The Guitar Hero Series: Mike Baggetta

Marks Guitar Blog - We are learning a different approach to play a 12 bar blues in this lesson. What we are going to do is use Major and Minor Pentatonic scales to infer the chord changes. Our example is a 12 bar blues in the key of A...Using Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales to play Blues Chord Changes

Muzicosphere - Though I already played on valve amplifiers, I never owned one of these because it is rather incompatible with neighborhood, and city life in general...Low Wattage Tube Amps: I Had a Crush For

Not Playing Guitar - We all experience highs and lows in our guitar practice motivation. Sometimes it's easy to get started, we just can't wait to try out a new technique or learn a new song. But other times we seem to find a thousand excuses to avoid starting practice...Guitar Practice - Rituals to Get Started

Rock Guitar Life - I have quite a long commute everyday. I’ve been doing it for a while and it can become tedious. I started listening to Podcasts to fill the time. I have a few favorites but I am always trying new ones. Here are the guitar and musician related podcasts that are always part of my commuting play list...Guitar and Musician Podcasts

Share My Guitar - Off the rack this guitar looks like a metal guitarists instrument of doom. The Jackson Kelly has sharp edges and a very heavy body structure. The Jackson Kelly was made famous by ex-Megadeth guitarist and virtuoso Marty Friedman...Review: Jackson Kelly JS32T Electric Guitar

Street Musician - When ever I saw a guitarist on stage with a capo it used to just blow my mind and I would think it was some amazing, advanced contraption that only really technically experienced guitar players would use. The thought of getting involved with a weird thing like a capo seemed like another world away...What is a Capo, Why You Need One, How to Use it & Which One to Buy

The Classical Guitar Blog - One of the most effective ways to learn a piece is practicing small units at tempo, slowing building longer and longer chains of little units...Practice Techniques: Chaining

The Guitar Buzz - The NEW Backing Track site has launched!...New Backing Tracks Web Site

True Fire - We know we wouldn't mind having some of these interesting guitar-inspired items around our office...Musical Instrument Furniture

Have a rockin' weekend

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