Rob Balducci's Lick of The Week " Look No Pick "

Rob Balducci's "Lick of the week" is about playing guitar without a pick and he sometimes plays leads without one. Plus you get to see some of his cool whammy techniques.

The Rock House Instructor and Favored Nations artist said on his You Tube site "I feel doing things like this can really help you play different and get yourself playing out of your BOX! Playing without a pick and using your fingers really changes your tone. It also helps you play licks that you would normally not play if you are normally using a pick."

Balducci's advice continues on his you tube site http://www.youtube.com/RobBalducci

If you're in the NYC area Rob has a Free Ibanez Clinic at Sam Ash NYC at 48th street on April 26 from 2pm to 4pm. So get down there and check it out!

Don't forget April 27 Balducci will be at BB Kings in New York. You can win and Ibanez guitar and an Xotic BB pre-amp. The show is sponsored by Sam Ash. You can get tickets now at http://www.bbkingblues.com/schedule/moreinfo.cgi?id=4938

More on Rob Balducci at http://robbalducci.com/

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