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If you play six or seven string guitar this special 2 DVD set will get you to the next level. Jeff shares his secrets for creating lead guitar masterpieces that have him mentioned in the same breath as Satriani, Gilbert and Malmsteen.

Extreme Lead Guitar, Dissonant Scales & Arpeggios 
More than 40 lessons on 2 DVDs, Plus Live Performances
Retail Price $24.99, Pre-Sale Price $19.99

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! :)
Do you guys also ship to Germany and
(if it's possible)how much is shipping?

bryan tate said...

Well maintained blog!!
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Oh yes thats a good question.. do you also ship to Germany? I need to have this lessons!! :D

Sarge said...

Checking onto the German distribution, but you can always use the On Demand feature to get it.

Choeel said...

Hey! I'm from Argentina, do you guys also ship to argentina? I really need to have this lesson! :D

Atte Joel

Facebook: Choeel Loomis

Good work Jeff! and Everyone!