The Weekend Read For March 12th, 2010 - Gutar Lessons, Articles and More

Kind of light this week but some really good stuff to zip through.

Cameron Mizell - Guitarist - As the title suggests, that article is written for non-guitarists–people that have a lot of experience learning another instrument and simply want to play some guitar as well...10 Tips for Beginning Guitarists

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - Here is a quick tip for those who are stuck in the pentatonic or blues scale, when playing blues leads. Try using the Major 6th (often guitarists will call it just the 6th...Use the Major 6th when improvising blues

Freekbass' Blog - A small handmade device that allows you the create very fast noise loops, by adding layers of sound in real time...Wicks Looper – Acid Mix 

Fretbase - Guitar amplifiers have come a long way since the early days of electric guitars. However, innovations in technology may not have made the impact on the industry that was expected...Guitar Tube Amps vs Solid State

Marks Guitar Blog - Recording great sounding guitar tracks begins at the source. If what’s coming out of the amp sounds like a turd, then whatever you do to it from there, will be at best a shiny turd...Recording Guitars

Share My Guitar - Guitar Players are often responsible for adding harmony and structure to a piece of music. Harmony, in essence as we perceive it in music, is a balance of one or more notes within the given musical environment. As we think of this balance in terms of musicality, we often overlook the need for balance in the physicality of playing. Without this awareness we open ourselves up for the dissonance to overthrow the balance of harmony and cause physical discomforts...Harmony & Amp: Healthy Hands

Have a rockin' weekend

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