The Weekend Read For March 5th, 2010 - Gutar Lessons, Articles and More

Nope, I haven't crawled under a rock for the past couple of weeks. I took a little vacation time and went to see relatives in Arizona, which was a nice change from the 2 feet of snow in Iowa. I did manage to to get some lessons posted on The Rock House Blog while I was gone though. Hit the archive on the right side if you don't see 'em. I was also glad some of my good ole faithful friends from other blogs I like were working hard while I was playing. Check out some of the highlights from the blog roll.

Double Bass Blog - Beginning this month, we’ll be holding a raffle to win a free Upton Bass Revolution Solo Pickup. I’ll point out some of the features of this very cool bass pickup, but first I’d like to outline what you need to do in order to be entered in the raffle...Submit a story to win a free Upton Bass Revolution Solo Pickup!

Guitar Lifestyle - Becoming a better guitarist takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance...The Secret to Becoming a Better Guitarist

Guitar Noize - Today I bring you a guest post by Guitar Noize regular Ysrafel, you may have seen his guest post recently on Why You Should Learn Music Theory, well he is back again with another great in-depth lesson this time covering Vibrato Technique...Guest post: Ysrafel explains Vibrato Technique

Guitar Player Zen - If you don’t know your fans, you will never grow that audience, you will not build that reputation, and you will not sell merchandise...Your Fans Are Your Life-Blood, But…

Guitar Teacher - Exotic Guitar Scales are great for adding spice to your lead guitar playing...Exotic Guitar Scales – Part 1

Guitarz - Over the course of two months the ceramic guitar was born...Ceramic-bodied acoustic guitar 

I Heart Guitar - You may remember my recent tour of the Taylor Guitars factory in El Cajon, California, and how I was fortunate enough to meet Bob Taylor himself during my visit. There were a million questions I would love to have asked him at the time, and a few million more that popped into my head after I left. Flash forward a few weeks and Bob was only too happy to have a chat about all things guitar...INTERVIEW: Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars

Marks Guitar Blog - This lesson is about "3 note per string" major scale patterns...3 Note per String Major Scales 

Not Playing Guitar - One way to make your rhythm guitar playing sound better is to play less full chords and add some interesting fills using single notes or harmonic intervals...Rhythm Guitar - Play Thirds Intervals

Share My Guitar - Wouldn’t it be cool to know the neck really well and play parts that are literally outside the box? This article is for that purpose. Busting out of the pentatonic box...Unlocking the Neck

Strat-O-Blogster - May 11, 1980. If I have all the right math, SRV was 25 when this was taped...Earliest SRV Video Footage? May 11, 1980

The Classical Guitar Blog - We can take the most basic of arpeggios and develop them in several ways...Three Ways to Develop an Arpeggio

Have a rockin' weekend

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