Chimaira Denied Entry Into Russia To Perform Thier Concerts

Sometimes things are just beyond your control. You know what I mean, there's probably a real easy answer to a situation between 2 parties but without the cooperation of the the party it's just never going to happen. That's what has appeared to happen to Rock House Instructor Rob Arnold and his band Chimaira.

Seems Chimaira touched down in Europe a few days ago to do some concerts in Russia that they had to postpone last fall. According to the band, "everything has been in place for weeks now. The gear has been ordered, the flights have been booked, and we’re HERE, on the European continent, ready to depart for St. Petersburg". But after pouring a ton of money into the tour and much to their dismay, the Russian Embassy has refused to issue them their visas. After their road manager spent 3 days at the Embassy trying to find a solution and search for answers the band was, "basically given the middle finger."

The band truly regrets it but they have no choice but to cancel the tour. In a statement made on their web site http://www.chimaira.com the band states, "Our biggest regret is for the fans who have been waiting months for this weekend to come, and we hope they can understand that we’ve exhausted every option to correct the situation. Please accept our deepest apologies, we’ll try to make it up to you all one day".


Stormy Maverick said...

Wow! Looks like Russia could have let them know BEFORE they hopped the plane!

Sarge said...

Well you would think so anyways...it had to be totally unforeseen. What a shame.