The Weekend Read for February 12th - Guitar Articles and More

There's a few good articles I like over the past couple of weeks. Articles from the blogroll has been a little light lately but I have faith in my friends that things will pick back up soon. Until then check some of the great articles and advice for guitarist.

Desafinados - Guitar noticias en espaƱol

Guitar Player Zen - So what can you do so that you are on the right path to guitar and musical enlightenment...You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

I Heart Guitar - Here’s an awesome idea I came across a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to find the time to write about for a while. Bandwebsitetheme.com lets you build a website for a band or solo artist, and it lets you do it all: sell your albums, iTunes downloads, t-shirts, and any other merch...COOL SITE ALERT: Bandwebsitetheme.com

Muzicosphere - i-Tab could be quite useful as a learning device as you won’t have to stick in front of your computer to check the tabs, and you won’t have to print them anymore (which will make you a hero for the rainforest and for the whole damn planet)...An i-Tab to Never Lose the Score Anymore

Not Playing Guitar - This article in in answer to a reader who asked why some chords in a key are major chords while others are minor, "I noticed a gap in my theory knowledge that you might be able to help with...Why Are Guitar Chords Major or Minor?

The Classical Guitar Blog - At some point when I was first getting into classical guitar, I got in the habit of not looking at either of my hands. I stare off into space or zone out — the equivalent of having my eyes closed. Looking at your hands while playing can be beneficial, but it has to be done right...Think (and Look) Ahead of Your Hands

True Fire - Spend thirty seconds playing a guitar strung with old, corroded strings and you’ll never want to strum on old strings again — unless you’re strange and lazy like me...Playing old Strings Stings

Rock on this weekend

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